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Weekly Entry Process

Note for school teams or other larger groups: To enter >10 runners, please email Anne Scott for entry instructions. For ten students or fewer, please use the process below.

Please note that email entries close at 9am each Saturday!

Entering is as easy 1-2-3

Step 1: Printed Running Number

In 2017, ALL runners will be required to WEAR their registered numbers. Numbers are issued to runners to assist officials in recording accurate race results. If you do not wear your number we cannot guarantee that your participation in the event will be accurately recorded. Numbers that can be easily read from a distance speeds up recording and shortens the finish line queues.

New runners: We recommend you email your first entry so that your number can be allocated before the event and ready for collection (see below for instructions). If you enter at the event, then your number will be allocated there.

Continuing runners: Continuing runners from previous seasons have already been allocated and issued with a printed running number. Please bring this number with you to all events. If you need your number re-printed, then please email Anne Scott with your name and number. Please note that numbers will only be re-printed once each season. If a further re-print is required, then a fee may be charged.

You can check running numbers here or with volunteer staff at the event.

Step 2: Weekly Entry

Paying the annual fee: Runners who pay the annual fee are not required to enter each week. Please report to the registration tent at some stage during the afternoon to sign the attendance sheet.

Paying weekly:

Choose ONE of the following options to complete your weekly entry form:

A. Email your entry details (see below) - you will be added to the email entries list and will not be required to fill in an entry form. Simply visit the registration tent to complete step #3; or

B. Download the 2017 Queensland Running Weekly Entry Form (PDF: 54K), fill it in and bring it with you to the registration tent; or

C. Fill in a weekly entry form at the registration tent when you arrive.


Step 3: Weekly Fee

Pay your weekly entry fee. Entry fees will only be accepted from those with an entry form, complete with running number/s.


Email Your Weekly Entry

Save time at the registration table each week by emailing your weekly entry details. Email entries close at 9.00am each Saturday for that week's competition.

Runners are encouraged to email weekly entries as outlined below. These entries will be entered on to the email entries list for that week. All you need to do is report to the registration table to pay your weekly fee. Continuing runners can do this at any stage of the afternoon. New runners will need to report on arrival to collect their printed running number and pay the weekly fee.

Please note that email entries are usually processed on Friday nights and/or Saturday mornings.

Email entries close at 9am on Saturday!

For users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express:

Click on the link below and complete the information in the message section of your email. There is space to enter four runners in the one email. However, feel free to add additional runners into the same email.

Weekly Entry Email for users of Microsoft Outlook (see note below)


NOTE: We believe we have sorted out the entry email issue. Please ensure you receive an email confirmation of your entry. If this confirmation is not received in a timely manner, please forward your entry to or cc this address in your original email entry.

For users of other email clients

Please email the information outlined below for all runners competing, to

Name, School/Club, Number, Gender, DOB (only needs to be advised once)

Use the subject: Queensland Running - Weekly Entry


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