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Rockett One and Two Hour Relays

Saturday 10 July 2017
Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine

One Hour Relay: maximum three runners alternating laps on a 1000m course. Open to runners aged 14 years and under (on the day). Two age group categories: 10 and under, 14 and under.

Two Hour Relay: maximum four runners alternating laps on a 2000m course.
The last 15 minutes of the two hour relay will be on the 1000m course. Open to runners aged 15 years and over (on the day). Two age group categories: open and masters (40+).

Note re mixed teams:

Mixed gender teams are considered male teams
Mixed age teams in one hour relay are considered 14 and under teams
Mixed age teams in two hour relay are considered Open teams


2017 Entry Details

Entry forms and tally sheets are available below. Please arrive approximately one hour before the event is due to start to complete the entry process.

The entry form is to be submitted to register your team. It is used by the registration staff while the relay is in progress to prepare certificates and determine prize money.

The tally sheet is to be used by team recorders during the race and then presented to the results staff for processing after the race. Recorders are reminded to bring a clipboard (or something else stable to write on) to record your team's laps during the relay.

Entry Forms

Print, complete and bring the entry form to the event (scanned forms can be emailed but you must also bring the original to the event)

2017 Rockett Relays - Entry Form - One Hour (DOC: 48K)
2017 Rockett Relays - Entry Form - Two Hour (DOC: 50K)

Team Tally Sheets

2017 Rockett Relays - Team Tally Sheet - One Hour (PDF: 838K)
2017 Rockett Relays - Team Tally Sheet - Two Hour (PDF: 884K)

Sample Completed Team Tally Sheet - One Hour (PDF: 182K)
Sample Completed Team Tally Sheet - Two Hour (PDF: 227)


2017 Entry Fees



Team Fee


Team Fee

1 Hour Relay
2 Hour Relay

* These entry fees apply to regular weekly competitors only. Other competitors will be required to pay an additional fee.

Queensland Running provides a minimum of $500 in prize money.

2017 Program

1:00 pm 1 Hour Relay
-10 years & Under
-14 years & Under
1:10 pm 500m
1.20pm 2000m
1.30 pm 2 Hour Relay
-Masters (40+ years)
2:15 pm 1000m


Event History

The concept of cross-country relays is unknown to us but Bob Rockett often spoke of 12 hour and 24 hour relays as once being fashionable. Unlike track and field relays, team runners were required to run alternating laps of an appropriate distance on a repetition basis until the set time had elapsed. The team which covered the furthest distance in the elapsed time was declared the winner.

Bob reasoned that such an event could easily be adapted to fit the Queensland Running format and provide our members with an opportunity to respond to new challenges within a reasonable time limit, an opportunity to simulate rep training sessions and to experience a self-managed team environment which gave them scope to make tactical decisions as the race unfolded.

To put thought into practice, Bob convinced his club (Pine Rivers District Athletic Club) to provide prize money for two events, a One Hour Relay for younger runners in teams of no more than three and a Two Hour Relay for more mature athletes comprised of teams of no more than four runners. Teams would pay an entry fee from which a percentage was added to the prize pool.

Queensland Running (which now provides the funding) and in recognition of Bob Rockett as a former athlete, club founder, successful coach of many youth athletes, a prime-mover in the formation of Queensland Running and a credit to his much-beloved sport, have named both events in his honour.



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