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Queensland All Schools Cross Country Championship

Saturday 20 May 2017 

St Paul's School, Attunga Street, Bald Hills (UBD Map Ref: 109 B2)

Queensland Running’s Queensland All Schools Championship is open to enrolled school-age students from 5 years to 19 years, from both state and private schools

2017 Entry Details

pdf icon 2017 Queensland Running All Schools Championship - Information Brochure including Entry Form (PDF: 1,049Kb)

Note for school teams: School staff are invited to email: for a copy of the school’s entry spreadsheet for bulk entries of students from the one school.

NOTE: Event entry age is taken as age at 31 December 2017. All competitors must compete in their own age group.

Entries received by fax, email or online will be regarded as exempt from the late entry fee provided the appropriate entry fees are received no later than Thursday 18 May 2017. See below for details of late entries.

Entries can be submitted by one of the following methods (use one only)

Mail Queensland Running PO Box 5646 STAFFORD HEIGHTS Q 4053
Scan & email Complete the entry form, scan and email to
Email details

Email the following details to

School, Contact Name (parent / teacher), Contact No. or Email, Event No, Age Group, Name of Athlete, Gender, Date of Birth

Please Note: By sending this email you accept the terms and conditions of the competition as appearing on the Entry Form which appears on this website.

Fax (07) 3359 2950
In person

At Queensland Running Saturday events

2017 Entry Fees

Per student per event:

$5.00 - students 5-9 years (born 2008 - 2012)

$10.00 - students 10-19 years (born 1998 - 2007)

Entries received by fax, email or online will be regarded as exempt from the late entry fee provided the appropriate entry fees are received no later than Thursday 18 May 2017. See below for details on late entries.

Late Entries

Entries received after the due date will incur an additional $10.00 late entry fee. Entries will be accepted no later than sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled starting time for the event and accompanied by the appropriate fee. (Cash only - no credit card facility will be available on the day)

NOTE: Parents are requested to double check entries with their school prior to the event. Competitors or parents who claim to have lodged entries through their school, but who do not appear on official entry lists, may be required to pay the late fee and then follow this up with their school. If this is found to be an error on the part of the organisers, then any late fee paid will be refunded.


Cheque/Money Order Made payable to Queensland Running

In person at Queensland Running weekly events

Direct deposit

BSB: 814-282
Account Number: 30217960
Reference: Family name and event numbers (if space permits)

Credit card

Visa or Mastercard only This facility is only available prior to championship. No credit card facilities are available at the venue.

Please include the following details: Card Type, Card Number, Expiry Date, Name on Card, Authorised Amount


2017 Queensland All Schools Championship Program

Event Time Distance Age Group Year Born
1 10.00am 500m 5 Years Girls 2012
2 10.10am 500m 5 Years Boys 2012
3 10.20am 800m 6 Years Girls 2011
4 10.30am 800m 6 Years Boys 2011
5 10.40am 800m 7 Years Girls 2010
6 10.50am 800m 7 Years Boys 2010
7 11.10am 1000m 8 Years Girls 2009
8 11.20am 1000m 8 Years Boys 2009
9 11.30am 1500m 9 Years Girls 2008
10 11.40am 1500m 9 Years Boys 2008
11 11.50am 2000m 10 Years Girls 2007
12 12 Noon 2000m 10 Years Boys 2007
13 12.10pm 3000m 11 Years Girls 2006
14 12.25pm 3000m 11 Years Boys 2006
15 12.40pm 3000m 12 Years Girls 2005
16 12.55pm 3000m 12 Years Boys 2005
17 1.10pm 3000m 13 Years Girls 2004
18 1.25pm 3000m 13 Years Boys 2004
19-20 1.40pm 6000m 16 & 17 Years Boys 2000-2001
21-22 2.00pm 6000m 18 & 19 Years Girls 1998-1999
23-24 2.00pm 8000m 18 & 19 Years Boys 1998-1999
25-26 2.25pm 4000m 14 & 15 Years Girls 2002-2003
27-28 2.40pm 4000m 14 & 15 Years Boys 2002-2003
29-30 2.55pm 4000m 16 & 17 Years Girls 2000-2001
31* 3:05pm 4000m Queensland Middle Distance Open and Masters

ATHLETES WITH DISABILITIES (AWD) – An invitation is extended to athletes with disabilities to compete in the following age groups – AWD 10-12 years (2000 metres), 13-15 years and 16-19 years (3000 metres).

Medals will be awarded for Athletes with Disabilities in each age group.

Where events have a combined start time, medals are awarded for each individual age event.

NOTE: Event timetable subject to change based on number of entries. Please check website prior to Championship to confirm start times.

* The Queensland Middle Distance Championship offers prize money for First ($100), Second ($75) and Third ($25) placed Open runners. Medals will be awarded for Open and Masters categories. Entry Fee applies - $10.00 per athlete


Queensland School Sport Team Selection

Selection for Queensland School Sport representative cross country team, for students aged 10 - 19 years, occurs through the Queensland School Sport cross country state championship events.

This event will be held on 15-17 July at St Paul’s School, Bald Hills - hosted by Metropolitan North School Sport Region.

For more information on the state school sport championship event, as well as the nomination process for the state school team, please visit the Queensland School Sport website.

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