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2010 Results

Season perpetual trophy winners:

Champion Club Mayne Harriers
Champion School Northside Christian College
Michelle Brown Memorial Cup Erin Hills (North West Athletics)
Michael Macdermott Memorial Shield Grant Williams (North West Athletics)

Weekly Results (full results)

PDF icon Round 1 Teralba Park (PDF: 74KB) pdf icon Round 10 Keperra (PDF: 76K)
pdf icon Round 2 Teralba Park (PDF: 70K) pdf icon Round 11 Minnippi (PDF: 43K)
pdf icon Round 3 7th Brigade (PDF: 74K) pdf icon Round 12 Yeronga (PDF: 87K)
pdf icon Round 4 Minnippi (PDF: 80K) pdf icon Round 13 Teralba Park (PDF: 67K)
pdf icon Round 5 Dowse Lagoon (PDF: 88K) pdf icon Round 14 Anzac Park (PDF: 65K)
pdf icon Round 6 Pine Rivers (PDF: 110K) pdf icon Relays Strathpine (PDF: 52K)
pdf icon Round 7 Anzac Park (PDF: 95K) pdf icon Round 15 Dowse Lagoon (PDF: 68K)
pdf icon Round 8 Yeronga Park (PDF: 85K) pdf icon Round 16 Keperra (PDF: 58K)
pdf icon Round 9 7th Brigade (PDF: 117K) pdf icon Round 17 Minnippi (PDF: 42K)
pdf icon Qld All Schools Champ (PDF: 201K) pdf icon Round 18 7th Brigade (PDF: 64K)
pdf icon Qld All Schools - Teams (PDF: 28K) pdf icon Winter Championship (PDF: ??K)


Sunday Mail Weekly Results (placegetters only)

Results (placegetters only) are sometimes available on the Local Sport page of The Courier Mail website (

hand iconRound 1 Teralba Park hand iconRound 10 Keperra
hand iconRound 3 7th Brigade Park hand iconRound 13 Teralba Park
hand iconRound 4 Minnippi Parkland hand iconRound 14 Anzac Park
hand iconRound 5 Dowse Lagoon hand iconRelays - Strathpine
hand iconRound 6 Pine Rivers Park hand iconRound 15 Dowse Lagoon
hand iconRound 7 Anzac Park hand iconRound 16 Keperra
hand iconRound 8 Yeronga Park hand iconRound 17 Minnippi Parkland
hand iconRound 9 7th Brigade Park hand iconRound 18 7th Brigade Park
  hand iconWinter Championship

Rockett One and Two Hour Relays - Team Tally Sheets

One Hour Relay Two Hour Relay
pdf icon 2.5 Guys (PDF: 84K) pdf icon Black and White (PDF: 116K)
pdf icon Honey Jumbles (PDF: 101K) pdf icon GG Carlsson (PDF: 109K)
pdf icon JAB (PDF: 92K) pdf icon Marty's Boys (PDF: 121K)
pdf icon Mt Samson Chipets (PDF: 82K) pdf icon Queensland All Stars (PDF: 115K)
pdf icon Mt Samson Super Stars (PDF: 82K) pdf icon Sheldon Girls 1 (PDF: 121K)
pdf icon Northside Christian College (PDF: 88K) pdf icon Younger & Older (PDF: 122K)
pdf icon Pocket Rockets (PDF: 103K)  
pdf icon Radiators (PDF: 81K)  
pdf icon RATS 1 (PDF: 103K)  
pdf icon RATS 2 (PDF: 107K)  
pdf icon RATS 3 (PDF: 101K)  
pdf icon Running of the Bulls (PDF: 106K)  
pdf icon Sheldon Girls 2 (PDF: 91K)  
pdf icon Sheldon Stunners (PDF:96K)  
pdf icon Sheldon Terminator (PDF: 90K)  
pdf icon State High Runners (PDF: 89K)  
pdf icon TEES Boys (PDF: 100K)  
pdf icon The Far Laps (PDF: 98K)  
pdf icon The Latecomers (PDF: 107K)  
pdf icon Thompson Estate (PDF 82K)  

4km Short Course Championship

Open Junior Masters Senior Masters

1. Brad Cronje
2. Andrew Prentice
3. David Mollins

1. Jeff Backen
2. Greg Scarponi
3. Steven Showell
1. Phil Davies
2. Mal Upton
3. David Langridge


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