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For New Runners

Taking up a new sport, and/or participating with a new organisation, can be daunting and confusing. At Queensland Running, you can participate in a relaxed, friendly, family-oriented and welcoming competition environment.

General Information

Here's some basic information to get you started.

Organisation: Queensland Running
Venues: Various (northside and southside of Brisbane)
Season: March - July
Frequency of events: Weekly
Competition day: Saturday
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Distances: Program 1: 500m - 8000m
Program 2: 800m - 8000m
Ages: Any
Other features:

* Canteen
* Fitness fun walk (Prog 1: 500m, Prog 2: 800m)
* Enter as many events as you like for one low fee
* Register for the whole season ($1 discount each week) or run casually
* No need to join a club: run for school / club or as an independent
* Experienced officials
* Public liability and participation insurance


Weekly Entry Process

The entry process for 2015 is still being finalised. Please check back here in early March.

Running numbers will still be required by all runners. Visit the Running Numbers page for more information.

Race Process


Present to the start line when your race is called. Ensure you have your printed running number pinned to the front of your shirt.

Wearing a printed number is necessary to receive a result.


Enjoy your run.


At the end of the race, an official will record your number as you cross the line. In races with larger fields, you may be required to line up for a short time for this recording process to take place.

Wearing a printed number is necessary to receive a result.


Season Registration

If you intend to compete regularly, you can enjoy a $1 discount off the competition fee each week by completing a season registration form (visit the Fees and Forms page). You also get your first run FREE! Registration is $12 for the season regardless of age.

Please note that season registration is optional. Any runner may participate in a weekly event without season registration.


Annual Fee Option

An annual fee option is now available which covers all weekly runs for a full season. Payment is to be made at the time of season registration and with lodgment of a season registration form.

Visit the Fees and Forms page for further details, copies of relevant forms and details of lodgment and payment.


Running the Course - Signage

New to running cross country courses? Visit the Course Signage page for information on the flags
and signage used on courses..

Further Information

You might like to visit the following pages for more information:

Calendar   Fees and Forms
Programs   Venues
Registration   About Us
Entries   Running Numbers

Questions ????

If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us page for a list of people who would be very willing to help you.


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