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About Us

QUEENSLAND RUNNING IS A TRULY UNIQUE community-based not-for-profit CROSS COUNTRY CONCEPT that offers low cost opportunities for serious athletes and activity seekers of all ages to participate regularly in a friendly, supportive and safe off-road environment!

Participation in Queensland Running is UNRESTRICTED. Anyone wishing to be involved, either in cross country competition or as an assistant in our daily operation may do so. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

The secret of Queensland Running's success lies in its simplicity. The condensed format of its regular winter competitions, covers distances from 500 metres to 8000 metres in which runners of all ages can compete side-by-side at their own pace over distances of their choosing. For the modest daily entry fee, they are welcome to enter in more than one event at no additional cost. This highlights the recognition that athletes are the key players within Queensland Running and that all activities are tailored to their needs.

The program is flexible in that additional events can be slotted in on demand. The introduction of the 'fitness walk' has provided an ideal opportunity for parents to participate and also contribute to their 10 000 steps for the day!

The cross country season commences on the first Saturday in March and runs to the last Saturday in July. This time frame reflects our strong belief that active youngsters need ample time to achieve the race conditioning and preparation required to run the distances prescribed for their ages at school, district, regional and state levels.

Because the majority of runners within Queensland Running are pre-school or school age athletes (and perhaps the most needful), we support the school community as our resources permit, making ourselves available to design, develop and prepare courses and provide technical aid and advice at school, district, regional and state levels.

Apart from the standard rules that apply in actual cross-country participation, WE HAVE TWO VERY BASIC RULES, namely:

    1. The observation at all times of the rules of good sportsmanship; and
    2. The wearing of appropriate attire (including upper body cover for men).

Operating since 1999 as a metropolitan Brisbane competition, Queensland Running caters for more than 500 runners including athletes from the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, South Coast and Darling Downs regions.

We have always had Public Liability and Participation Insurance and we have sound administrative and practical experience within the sport of athletics.

Quite simply we have the know-how to contribute substantially to the development of cross country running, NOT ONLY within the school community and the Brisbane metropolitan area, but further afield.

The Queensland Running concept is the future in cross country running in Queensland!


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